How can you get a copy of someone's will?


How can you get a copy of someone's will?  Within 10 days of someone's death, whoever has possession of their original will must put it on deposit with the probate court.


Eric: Thank you. My dad is 94 and he has a will but we can’t find.  How can we get a copy of my dad’s will?  Can I get a copy of a will from the court?

Attorney Tom Olsen: While someone is alive in Florida, their will is not filed or recorded anywhere.  Once somebody passes away, the law states that whoever has possession of that person’s original will is obligated to file the will with the probate court in the County where the person resides within 10 days of their death. Once they file that will with the probate court, it is public record and anyone can get a copy of the will.  If someone filed the will after your dad died, yes you can get a copy of it. 

Eric: My dad is alive, we just can’t find his will.  We’ve looked all over for it.
Attorney Tom Olsen: If your dad is legally competent, he should have a new will prepared. When Olsen Law Group does a will for someone, we actually do four different documents. We do the last will and testament. We do a living will declaration, a power of attorney for healthcare health care surrogate and a power of attorney for financial affairs. 

Chrissy: Because people don’t realize that if dad does get Alzheimer’s and he needs to help him pay his bills, he needs that financial durable power of attorney. 

Attorney Tom Olsen: We do house calls and hospital calls. We travel all over Central Florida, going to people’s homes because we’re in a service industry. That’s what it takes to get their businesses come to your home. 

Attorney Tom Olsen: Eric, if you want to call Chrissy and be in touch with Chrissy as early as today by getting that done for your dad, you can call or text Chrissy any time, 407-808-8398.