Do grandparents have visitation rights in Florida?


Sharon: Hi, I have a complicated question that I hope you can make easy for me. I have a son that's a grown-up now; I've had him since he was two years old. He's my sister's child actually; my sister died at a very young age, but left a two-year-old. However I didn't adopt him until he was an adult.

Attorney Tom Olsen: Alright.

Sharon: He now has two kids, and the mother of the child refuses to let me see the children. So I was wondering if there was anything I could do, do I still have claims here and why?

Attorney Tom Olsen: Okay. Sharon, for all legal purposes, whether it's Florida or Georgia, once you adopted your son, it is no different that if he was your biological son. Period, okay?

Sharon: Okay.

Attorney Tom Olsen: Sharon, here in the state of Florida, back when I started practicing law in the 80's, there was actually a statute that said, "Grandparents have a right to visit with their grandchildren". That law was struck down by the Florida Supreme Court; is no longer. So here in the state of Florida, grandparents do not have a legal right to visit with their grandkids, I suspect the same thing is true in Georgia, but you'd have to check up there, Sharon. 

Sharon: I have checked and I do have grandparent rights in Georgia. So I just wanted to make sure that those rights extended for me being an adoptive parent.

Attorney Tom Olsen: Absolutely, positively yes, Sharon. That's good news for you.

Sharon: Okay, awesome, thank you so much and congratulations on your 28 years.