Tom's car advertisement


Attorney Tom Olsen has an ad on the back window of his car offering a free review of your will or trust. If you see him driving around, be sure and say "hello!" 


Attorney Tom Olsen: Chrissy, you know last week something happened. I've been waiting for it to happen and finally, it happened.

Chrissy: I know, I'm so excited. Tell us about it.

Attorney Tom Olsen: Well, for about three months now, three months ago I put an advertisement on the back window of my white Honda Pilot and it says, "Free review of your will or trust," of course, it's got my name and phone number up there. I've been waiting for somebody to say I pull up somewhere and say, "Hey is that Tom Olsen, the lawyer?" and finally it happened. We stopped by the side of the road on Edgewater Drive to pick up a watermelon and ran into Billy Arwood and he immediately recognizes the window and that I was attorney Tom Olsen with the radio show and he's a radio listening fan.

Chrissy: Yes, it was very exciting, it really was. Cool thing too is that he grows his own watermelons, he was selling those, he lives local, in College Park but he has a great tree service too.

Attorney Tom Olsen: Billy Arwood has a tree service called Treebilly Inc. He knew me from the radio show and I told that we would talk about him on the radio show today.

Chrissy: Thank you, Billy.

Attorney Tom Olsen: And thanks for being a loyal listener, thank you for pointing out the back window of my white Honda Pilot. Now, folks, I'm giving you lots of hints because I'm telling you what I driving a white Honda Pilot, it's got an advertisement on the back of it with my name. If you see me, more likely you'll see me in a Costco parking lot or Home Depot parking lot, stop and say hello to me.

Chrissy: Come and say hi.

Attorney Tom Olsen: Now, what we did with Billy was we took a photograph of thus by the back of the car, we put it on our Facebook page and that Facebook page is Olsen on law radio show. That's O-L-S-E-N on law radio show, we posted that picture. You'll see what my car looks like and what this advertisement looks like on the back window but hey if you catch me in a parking lot somewhere we'll take your picture too and put it up on Facebook.

Chrissy: Yes, so be on the lookout.

Attorney Tom Olsen: Be on the lookout. In the meantime, hey look for our Facebook page, we'd love for you to like it. Then you'll get notifications of what's going on with the Olson on law radio show and get access to our latest videos. Check us out on Facebook Olsen on law radio show, O-L-S-E-N. Thank you, Billy Arwood, from Treebilly Inc, if you need some tree service check out Billy Allwood, truly Treebilly Inc and thank you for noticing the window and for coming up and talking to us about it, we appreciate it.