Can gun owners carry their guns into a restaurant?


Attorney Tom Olsen: I want to introduce you to David Katz. He is a criminal defense attorney with US Law Shield. I've asked him to come on the air today because I got a great question from all the radio listeners and I wanted to know the answer. Hello, David.

Attorney David Katz: Good morning.

Attorney Tom Olsen: Hey, welcome to the show.

Attorney David Katz: Thank you.

Attorney Tom Olsen: Here's a great question that I got. It just caused me to be curious. I want to know the answer and that is this: Here in the state of Florida, can you take a gun into a restaurant?

Attorney David Katz: If you have a concealed carry permit, you can take your gun into a restaurant with you as long as it is a place that serves food. If it's a place that serves only alcohol, you can't bring the gun with you. And then let's say you go to an outback or one of the chain restaurants, you can actually have your gun with you in the restaurant portion of the establishment. Let's say you wanted to cross through the bar to go to the bathroom, the area of the restaurant that is primarily where alcohol is served, you're not allowed to carry in.

Attorney Tom Olsen: Those will all be things that you would learn as part of getting your concealed weapons permit I suppose?

Attorney David Katz: Yes, sir.

Attorney Tom Olsen: Then just out of curiosity. Do the restaurants ever have a choice? Can a restaurant say yes or no to people bringing guns, assuming they have concealed weapons permits?

Attorney David Katz: Sure. Any business, any establishment can post that you are not allowed to carry in the establishment. If you have actual notice that you are not allowed to then you can't.

Attorney Tom Olsen: How would I know restaurants posted such a thing? How would I know that?

Attorney David Katz: Well, I would assume there would be a big sign by the front door.

Attorney Tom Olsen: Okay, very good. Hey, speaking of guns, I understand that there's a new way for gun owners to be protected if the user are sued for using their guns here in the state of Florida. What is that?

Attorney David Katz: Sure, actually it's the program that I'm involved with. It's called US Law Shield. People can find out more information about it at Basically, what it is, it's an insurance program for 10.95 a month. If you are ever forced to use your gun that you legally own in self-defense, defense of yourself, your family, all of your legal bills are 100% covered including all criminal and civil legal bills.

Attorney Tom Olsen: So what I guess what we're saying is that sometimes people may be perfectly justified in using their firearms and yet they still get prosecuted as a crime.

Attorney David Katz: That's right. That's actually how US Law Shield began. It began in Texas as Texas Law Shield. There was a gentleman who saw some people breaking into his neighbor's house. He called 911. He was on the phone with a 911 operator for about 15 minutes. The police never showed up.

When the people were leaving, he walked outside with his gun to tell them to stop. They came charging towards him onto his property. He fired and killed both of them. He was prosecuted and spent tens of thousand of dollars on legal defense, which he was eventually cleared. He was not found guilty of any crime but he still had to spend all that money on lawyers to protect himself. There were four lawyers in Texas who saw that and said, "We got to do something about this". That's where US Law Shield came from.

Attorney Tom Olsen: If you join US Law Shield at for 10.95 a month, tell me again exactly what kind of protection you get?

Attorney David Katz: Absolutely. 100% of all of your legal bills in any civil or criminal matter are covered by that 10.95 a month. There's no deductibles. It's not a reimbursement plan where you have to go find a lawyer and pay them and hope you get your money back. One of the US Law Shield attorneys will represent you throughout the entire process for all criminal and civil matters. 100% of your legal fees are covered.

Attorney Tom Olsen: And of course, listeners can find out more at the website

Attorney David Katz: That's right.

Attorney Tom Olsen: Again, my guest today is David Katz. He's a criminal defense attorney with