How does boyfriend get girlfriend to move out of house?


Richard: Ah yes. I’m going through like a nasty break-up and the problem is that we currently live together. I bought the house last year, but her grandmother co-signed for me because I didn’t have enough credit on my own to get it. What do I need to do if I want to ask her to leave? 

Attorney Tom Olsen: As to the possession of the home, the key is who is on the title not who is on the mortgage. So in fact, Richard, if you are the sole person on that title, you have a right to ask your girlfriend to go. Is that what you’re asking me?

Richard: Yes.

Attorney Tom Olsen: Okay. So, there is no self-help there, Richard. You can’t change the locks on her; you can’t put her stuff out on the curb. 

But there is a legal process for you and it would start by talking to Rob Solomon in our office and he will tell, first of all, if you have a normal landlord-tenant relationship and somebody is not paying rent, it’s easy, but when you want to kick out your girlfriend or your deadbeat son, there’s a process similar to eviction, but a little bit different.