How to sue an attorney for malpractice


John: So is more informative then LA law for sure. Have got a question for you. I am trying to find how to go about suing an attorney. And the short of it is that they gave me bad advice, I went and lost the complaint with a bar, Florida bar. Florida bar came back to me and said, they did find grounds for ethics violations, having to do with the mortgage modification. The first thing is, I guess they did a second phase--

Attorney Tom Olsen: Look, John, let me stop you for a minute, okay?

John: Sure.

Attorney Tom Olsen: I've been a lawyer for 32 years and back in the day, early days; you would not find lawyers who would sue other lawyers. If you wanted to sue an Orlando lawyer, you had to go to another city like Jacksonville or Tallahassee to find a lawyer to sue an Orlando lawyer. These days as you might have imagined there are plenty of lawyers out there that specialize in legal malpractice. I'm sure they'd do it on a contingency fee basis. I don't know any personally – or maybe I do. You can email me at my office, I can try and put in touch with one. But I’d think, John, the bottom line is, you can talk to a lawyer who does legal malpractice. They will see if your case rises to something that's worthwhile pursuing. Remember, any attorney that does work on a contingency fee basis is looking for two things: number one, a case that's easily winnable, number two, a case that has substantial damages. Your lawyer might have committed malpractice against you, John. But question is, what is the measure of your damages. Is it worthwhile suing?

John: I've got you, okay.