Alimony Laws in Florida


What is the status of new alimony laws in Florida as of May 2015? Did a new alimony law get passed in Florida? What are the new alimony laws in Florida?


Attorney Tom Olsen: So Paul, talk to us about the status of alimony these days. We just talked about child support. And in the Florida status there’s guidelines, there’s formulas. You plug in the incomes from mom and dad; it tells us how much child support should be paid. How are they determining alimony these days?

Attorney Paul Newnum: These days, they’re determining alimony based upon the old formula which is no formula at all. The alimony bill which was up in the legislature did provide its formula. It did not pass because the house left early. And I doubt that it will pass because the special section, I don’t think it’s designed next month to address that issue.

But under the current law, there are several different factors that the court uses including the duration of the marriage, the need and the ability pay of the receiving spouse and the pay over spouse, and the number of other factors that go into it.

Attorney Tom Olsen: So hopefully, the four legislatures are going to pick up the ball and run again with it next year in the next session. As a family law attorney, are you in favor of what they’re talking about doing?

Attorney Paul Newnum: Well, this year’s bill was better than the bill two years ago because the bill two years ago was going to be retroactive, which would have resulted in chaos fees for lawyers. But the new bill is a bit more refined. I think they’ve got a bit more work to do on it; it’s not the best drafted or bill in the world. But it’s getting better.

Attorney Tom Olsen: Okay. So the new bill, is it about determining how much child alimony should be paid? And is it also about the link of alimony that we should be paying?

Attorney Paul Newnum: Yes. And that’s one of the important features about it because it would basically do away with permanent periodic alimony. Applying the jack hammer to something that just needs pin.

Attorney Tom Olsen: Alright. So my guest today is Attorney Paul Newnum. He is a family law divorce attorney in our office.