A living trust is best when you own many pieces of real estate


One of the reasons to use a revocable living trust to avoid probate is if you own many properties or you own property in different states.


Teresa: Good morning. I want to know -- I want to get a will. I have about 15 houses in my name and what’s the best way to plan for that?

Attorney Tom Olsen: Okay, Teresa, I’m going to turn you down because we have bad connection there but, Teresa, you have 15 properties, number one, congratulations. Number two, for avoiding probate, that puts you in the category of having a living trust. We’ve talked about simple ways to avoid probate but, an exception to that is when you have multiple pieces of property. Teresa, if you have a living trust, or if you have 15 properties, then a living trust would be appropriate tool for you. We’d be pleased to assist you with that. Now we have a booklet, Christy, on The Living Trust.

Chrissy: We do.

Attorney Tom Olsen: That’s the title of it, right? Living Trust. [laughs]

Chrissy: Exactly, Living Trust, and it gives you information about what would be required as far as again, some of those examples of The Living Trust. In addition, we have the other booklets that go along with it about the real estate that you kind of combine about Lady Bird Deeds with The Living Trust and if you text me to 407-808-8398, we will be happy to send you that Living Trust booklet along with our other booklets, and that can help get you started and then we’re happy to meet with you and answer any questions from there.

Attorney Tom Olsen: All you need to do is text your name and mailing address to 407-808-8398 and we’ll get that out to you. You don’t need to call. You can simply text your name and mailing address to 407-808-8398.