Can you get out of a Non-Compete agreement in Florida?


Attorney Tom Olsen: Let’s talk about non-compete agreements. Are non-compete agreement enforceable in Florida?

Attorney Travis Hollifield: They are legal. It is legal for an employer and an employee to agree to a non-competition clause or covenant, oftentimes in the scope of a larger agreement. However, there are some limits on non-compete agreements and I see employers try to test those limits on a regular basis in my office. I’ll tell you this, I urge anybody who is being asked to sign a non-compete agreement as part of employment or continued employment, please, call me or some other competent attorney before you sign a non-compete agreement. There are ways to get around a non-compete agreement, avoid having to sign them at all, or, perhaps, get additional consideration or money in exchange for your signature on a document like that.

Attorney Tom Olsen: I wish we had more time and talk about that, Travis, because that’s quite fascinating. I’ve had lots of calls from people who have worked a company for years and then they were asked to sign a  non-compete agreement. Is it reasonable for an employer to ask me to sign a non-competition agreement?

Attorney Travis Hollifield: I can absolutely help you with that. Maybe that’s what we’ll talk about next time I’m on the air.