Is a noncompete agreement enforceable in Florida?


Noncompete agreements are enforceable in Florida as long as they are reasonable in geographic location and length of time.


Dave: I'm going to be starting a new job here and they want me to sign a non-compete agreement and the thing is, is I actually-- I'm here in Florida, in the business Florida and I actually live in Montana, so I'll be working remotely. Montana law I found out, if I sign a non-compete in real estate, my lawyer up there told me it doesn't hold up in court. A man has got a right to work. Anyway, I'm curious about how it is in Florida.

Attorney Tom Olsen: Okay, Dave, in the state of Florida, non-compete agreements are absolutely enforceable, as long as they are reasonable in area and time. They can only ask you to not compete within areas where they are already doing business and they can only ask you to not compete for them for a reasonable time, usually that's limited to 2 years. So Dave if this means something to, you don't go into it thinking its not going to be enforceable if push comes to shove because in the state of Florida it is definitely enforceable.