Can you assign your kids to someone else?


To give your children to someone else, they must go through a legal adoption process.


Chrissy: If a person adopts four kids, can she legally give the rights of two of those kids to a different family?

Attorney Tom Olsen: Let's start from the beginning that is, if you adopt a child or an adult here in Florida, they for all legal purposes are your child for all legal purposes. There's no difference. We move on to the next thing is, can you give the rights to two year kids away to somebody else? "No." Meaning, you're going to let them go with somebody else if you want to, but if they want legal rights to adopt then something would have to come from the courts.

Chrissy: They can't just assign those rights on their own.

Attorney Tom Olsen: You can't just assign your kids to somebody else here. You raise them for a couple of years and send them back?

Chrissy: No.

Attorney Tom Olsen: You put them through college and send them back?

Chrissy: No but it's what they're asking. You think about it, if that was legal they could do it, probably lots of people would do those type of things. "Oh okay. I'll assign it for a year or two or when they want. Can't do that.

Attorney Tom Olsen: You take over for a couple of years, send them back when they're better.