Must corporate landlord use an attorney for eviction?


If you own your rental home in your individual name, you can do your own evictions.  However, if you own your rental home in a corporation or LLC, the law requires that you retain an attorney to do your evictions.


Spencer: My question is, if I own a corporation and I want to evict somebody under the corporation name, do I have to have a lawyer to do the eviction?

Attorney Tom Olsen: Yes you do. If you are a private individual evicting a tenant, you can do your own eviction. In fact, they'll give you the forms, they'll run you through the process, but, when you are a corporation you are not allowed to do it individually. You are required to hire an attorney, Spencer, and if you need some help with that, Attorney Rob Solomon is in our office right now to talk to you at 407-423-5561. Spencer does that answer your question for you?