Can car loan cosigner take possession of the car?


Even if you co-sign a car loan, you have no right to possession of the automobile unless your name is also on the car title.


Jim: Good Morning. I just have a quick question on my legal rights on -- I thought I co signed for a loan for a car. Turns out I'm the original borrower and they're the co signer.

Attorney Tom Olsen: All right.

Jim: Car is registered to the other person's name because I was just really helping them get the credit. They've been late on payments. I'm the one getting the late fees because I'm the original borrower. I threatened already to take the car back and I'll make the payment I just don't know where my legal rights are.

Attorney Tom Olsen: Jim, you have no legal rights to that car. Your name is not own a title. Jim this is why I tell people and especially parents never cosign for somebody for a car or house. Jim, you've got no rights but you got all the obligations plus your credits being damaged now because your friend is not making payments on time. Jim there is absolutely nothing in the world you can do about it.

Jim: Thanks for that.

Tom: Sorry about that Jim.