Neighbor's tree overhangs my property


Attorney Tom Olsen: Let's go to Zeta in Orange City. Zeta, you're in News Talk WDBO, go ahead. 

Zeta: Hi Tom. I just wanted to ask a question. I have bought a property in Orange City a few months back. And I have a neighboring property that has a huge overhanging tree that hangs over my front door and my walkway and stuff. And I wanted to ask what my rights would be or could I have the property owner next door pay to have that tree cut back?

Attorney Tom Olsen: So, Zeta, your property lines go up into space. Any of your neighbors tree that are hanging over your property, you have a right to trim, you got to be reasonable about it. And when you're trimming those trees, you do not have a right to go on your neighbors property to do so. So if you can trim those tree branches, be reasonable, not go into your neighbors property to do so, you have every right to do so, Zeta. Does that answer your question?

Zeta: Not really because it's not a trim, it's going to have to be a cut back. It's a huge tree and it canes over my walkway so I would have to go on the property to cut it back.

Attorney Tom Olsen: Okay. You can't go on your neighbors property without their permission. Zeta, good news is Rob Solomon, he's an attorney at my office, he does the tree issues. So you can hang up with me, Zeta, you can call Rob at my office right now at 407-423-5561. He's the tree lawyer, he handles overhanging tree branches and he can give you some more information. Call him at 407-423-5561.