Should you have your severance package reviewed by an attorney


A severance package is pay and benefits employees receive when they leave employment at a company. In addition to their remaining regular pay, it may include some of the following: An additional payment based on months of service. Payment for unused vacation time or sick leave.


Attorney Tom Olsen: Sometimes when people leave employment they receive what's called a severance package. Would your recommendation be that they have to review that package before they sign it?

Attorney Travis Hollifield: Yes please. Yes is the answer. Severance in Florida is not a legal requirement. It doesn't matter whether you've worked for a company for six months or 60 years, unless there's a collective bargaining agreement in place which in Florida you don't see very much, there is no legal right to Severance. The only reason why employers offer severance is to get the signature of the employee on a general release. A general release in favor of the employer.

It's like litigation insurance for the employer, but there maybe be issues that need to be addressed before you put pen to paper on any sort of severance agreement. I can help folks out there that are facing that situation.

Attorney Tom Olsen: Very good. My guest today is Attorney Travis Hollifield. He is a lawyer right here in Orlando. Travis, give the listeners one more time your phone number.

Attorney Travis Hollifield: Sure. The telephone number for my office Hollifield Legal Center is 407-599-9590.

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