Can the IRS take away your passport?


The IRS is closer to formalizing rules to revoke your passport or deny you a passport if you have unpaid income taxes.  Attorney Charlie Price is tax lawyer.


Attorney Tom Olsen: Hey Charlie, the other thing I heard is that if you are behind on paying income taxes, that they can take your passport away. Is that true?

Attorney Charlie Price: Yes and this is probably one of the most irritating things I've heard in a long time from the IRS and this came out at the end of 2015 and until very recently, they didn't have the regulations in place to determine what they're going to do but now they do. Anybody who has over $50,000 of tax debt and that includes interest in penalties, if anybody knows how the IRS puts on interest and penalties, that could be someone with the $25,000, $30,000 tax debt that becomes a $50,000 tax debt in a short period of time. The IRS will certify to the State Department that they have a seriously delinquent tax debt and they can either revoke a current license or a passport, refuse to issue a new one. That's it, revoke or refuse to issue.

Attorney Tom Olsen: Charlie, remind me of your app that people can download on their phones.

Attorney Charlie Price: Yes, I'm doing everything through my IRS 1099 tax resolution companies, all my taxes IRS 1099. The name of the app is IRS 1099. It’s available for Apple and Android phones.

Attorney Tom Olsen: All right, thank you Charlie.