George loves our radio show


Thank you George for being a loyal listener to our Olsen on Law Radio Show.


Attorney Tom Olsen: George, you're on News 96.5. Go ahead.

George: Mr. Olsen, I hope I don't get too emotional, but I want to give so many thanks to Chrissy and Colonel Airth. I had a problem, I explained it to Chrissy and she's such a sweet lady. You're very lucky to have her.

Attorney Tom Olsen: Amen, George.

George: The way she referred me to Colonel Airth. That man reminds me of Paul Harvey. A down-to-earth gentleman. He resolved it for me. I'm so appreciative.

Attorney Tom Olsen: Thank you for saying, George. We very much appreciate it, and thank you for mentioning Paul Harvey. I used to love Paul Harvey back in the day. Oh my God, I would intentionally try and be in my car while Paul Harvey was on the air. Boy, do I miss him. I wish somebody was here to take his place.