Child visitation issues during holidays with Attorney Michelle Barry


Attorney Michelle Barry explains some of the common issues that arise during the holidays with child sharing.


Attorney Tom Olsen: Welcome back everybody. My name is Tom Olsen. The name of the show is Olsen on Law every Saturday 11:00 AM right here on News 96.5. I'd like to introduce you to Attorney Michelle Barry. She specializes in family law including divorce, alimony, child support and time-sharing. Hi, Michelle. Welcome to the show. Attorney Michelle Barry: Hi, Tom. Thanks for having me. Attorney Tom Olsen: I got another e-mail from a radio listener talking about the holidays approaching and having an issue with his ex-wife about how to split up the time with the kids during the holidays. I know this is got to be a common issue, how is it normally worked out? Attorney Michelle Barry: Normally, its worked out according to the existing time-sharing or parenting plan that they should have when they get done with the divorce, or they have the school schedule that would dictate when the children are available to have time-sharing. Depending on which county they're in, they're either going with a Seminole County school schedule or the Orange County school schedule. They're going to be what determines how much time is available for the children in the first place, and then the parenting plans that the parents have should dictate who gets the children for the first half. For instance, the winter break and the other parent would get the second half of the winter break. Usually, the split is somewhere right around the Christmas holiday itself. That's usually the first recourse is, to go for the actual existing parenting plan, and only if there's a major disagreement should there be any type of mediation or something undertaken with a parenting coordinator. Attorney Tom Olsen: Just out of curiosity, how is Thanksgiving normally handled? Do they switch every year? Attorney Michelle Barry: Thanksgiving is usually switched every year and depending again on the school schedule. Some schools give almost the whole week off for Thanksgiving and others only give Thursday and Friday. It would amount to basically a long weekend for the parent who has that Thanksgiving. Then, generally that parent will have the second half of Christmas and then the parents who didn't have Thanksgiving has the first half of Christmas that includes the Christmas holiday. Attorney Tom Olsen: Michelle, tell the listeners about your practice and how they can reach you. Attorney Michelle Barry: My family law practice is located in Longwood, Florida in Seminole County. I can be reached at phone number 407-622-4529 or you could reach me at my website which is michellebarry-- Excuse me. That website is I look forward to hearing from folks with their family law concerns. Attorney Tom Olsen: Thank you. We appreciate that, Michelle. That's attorney Michelle Barry, she has an office right here in Orlando and you're welcome to reach out to her next week if you have any other family law questions.