Call-in Package

The "monthly call-in" package is the easiest and most cost-effective way for you to market yourself to a total audience of close to 20,000 people! This package includes:

- One phone-in question with Tom on the Olsen on Law Radio Show
- One high definition video of your on-air question/answer
- Video upload to YouTube (1400+ subscribers)
- Video upload to in "featured vidoes" section
- Video e-mailed to over 3,000+ newsletter subscribers
- Video shared on Olsen on Law / LawTube Facebook fan pages (1000+ subscribers)

For pricing information, please call Jackson at (321) 207-8389 or e-mail


phone-in call

Call in to the radio show from the convenience of your home or office! Tom will ask a single question of your choosing that allows you to demonstrate your expertise to thousands of listeners. We will also provide the listeners with your contact information as well as forward along any calls and/or texts we receive inquiring about your services. 


youtube / lawtube

After recording the show, we will then produce a short video from your call with Attorney Tom Olsen. The video will have overlaid text that informs the viewer who you are and how to get in touch with you. We will then upload the video to our YouTube channel (Over 1400 subscribers) and to a "featured video" section of You can then share your video with your current client base, social media following, and in any form of digital marketing you so choose!


e-mail newsletter

Targeted marketing is the name of the game with our video e-mail newsletter. We currently have over 3,000 people subscribed to receive weekly e-mails and updates from We will embed your video into the newsletter and provide all relevant contact information so that potential clients can easily get in touch with you! 

Social media

Don't have a strong social media presence? That's OK! We will share your video on both the Olsen on Law Radio Show and LawTube Facebook fan pages to reach an audience of over 1000 people!