How to make mom do a last will


You can't make mom do a last will and testament, but you can give her some good reasons why to and make the process very simple for her.


Jay: I have a sick elderly mother, 87. Every time the question on when to set up a will, she throws up a block wall. Do you have any tips about going about that and trying to persuade her to do a will?

Attorney Tom Olsen: Well, Jay we can't make your mom do a will, but I can tell you what happens if your mom does not have a will. That is Florida statues are going to write a will for her. Jay is your mom a single or a widowed woman?

Jay: She is widowed and really the only, shall we say, property a house. It's valued about 350,000. We know the state--.

Attorney Tom Olsen: Alright so Jay is your mom a single or a widowed person?

Jay: Yes, she is a widow.

Attorney Tom Olsen: How many children did she have?

Jay: Four total.

Attorney Tom Olsen: Are they all alive?

Jay: Yes, they are, Tom.

Attorney Tom Olsen: Jay, if your mom dies without a will, her assets including her home that you just mentioned are going to go equally to her four kids. If that's your mom's plan that when she dies, everything goes equally to the four kids, well, hey, it's done. She doesn't need a will to accomplish that goal. If, Jay, if she said, "I got a son named Bill and I don't want Bill to get anything." Then maybe you can tell her, "Look, mom, if you don't do anything, Bill's in for 25%. If you want to cut Bill out then you're going to have a will to do that."

Jay: Right. You guys ever do visits to the homes?

Attorney Tom Olsen: Yes, we do house calls, Jay. If that would make your mom more comfortable, we would be happy to visit her home for her. We do that for other clients as well. Jay, you're welcome to call our office next week. We are happy to talk to you about that. You call the Olson Law Group in Orlando you ask for me Attorney Tom Olson, that office phone number is 407-423-5561.